THE CHALLENGE: While Speedo is the suit of Olympains, their bland branding is isolating a valuable market: the everyday buyer. Remind adults about how fun it is to get back into the water, especially if you’re wearing a Speedo.

THE IDEA: Create a Speedo Secret Store that shows a much more exciting side of Speedo without long-term sacrificing their serious tone.

THE WORK:  Art Direction by Lydia Hesterman + Graphic Design by Gunnar Harrison


The Suit Design

All of the suits on speedo.com are professional and high-quality, but they’re also boring. We’ll sell these fun, limited edition suits on the Speedo Secret Store.

The Logistics

We’ll push people to the store through two mediums: out-of-home and classic social media. Since our goal is to get people back to having fun in the pool, we’ll leave messages on pool floors and walls.

The Website

The Speedo Secret Store is the star of the campaign. Through it people can buy one of the Secret Suits, and become converted to the Speedo quality.