“So Tell Us a Little About Yourself…”

Hi there, thanks for looking around! I’m a young creative who loves designing with purpose, or finding fresh solutions to advertising/marketing problems. Want to know more about me? Pick a side depending on how much you really want to know, or skip ahead to my resume! Want to chat? Reach me at lydia.hesterman@gmail.com 



Cliff Notes
  1. I pretty much always listen to music while I am working
  2. I believe the best work should always cause some sort of action.
  3. I think dogs are pretty cool
  4. For fun I like to play video games with my husband
  5. 👏 is definitely my favorite emoji
  6. I believe the Principles of Design should always drive the ship
  7. I enjoy reading in my free time
Smell the Roses
  1. I literally keep all my music in a single playlist* that is currently 42 hours and 51 minutes long.  (*I suggest dragging the link into your Spotify Desktop App. The web player is the worst & can’t sort by recently added.)
  2. The best work should either make you feel, or help you understand. Both if possible. An opinion developed in part thanks to the genius Luke Sullivan. Oh and Elizabeth Gilbert.
  3. I’m borderline obsessed with basically all puppers and doggos. Want to download my folder of dog pics? I use it as a rotating screen saver.
  4. My husband and I currently co-creating a game called Harmless, where the goal is to die the most. So players run away from power-ups and throw themselves on the other player’s spears, while simultaneously trying to not hit anyone. Even just the prototype is hilarious to play.       
  5. My first favorite emoji may be 👏, but it’s closely followed by 🙈 🔥👌😎😘👊
  6. One time a mentor really tore apart my work, and I got pretty mad for a hot second. Then I took a step back, and scribbled out these notes so it wouldn’t happen again. The basics are powerful.
  7. Reading is my most relaxing past time- I’m currently a little over halfway through The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg and man, let me tell you: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👏 👏 

Work Experience

Ok so now you’ve had the chance to judge my Spotify playlist, but what about my experience? Most recently I’ve been running the advertising department at BYU Independent Study. Unlike many campus jobs that are focused only on BYU students, BYU Independent Study provides online courses to high school and university students all over the country, providing us with unique challenges that most campus services don’t have to face.

I started out at Independent Study working on a team to create advertising materials, but after my manager took a new job and hired away all my co-workers, I have become singularly responsible for all strategy, design, and general management of the department. My time with this extra responsibility has not only grown my advertising design skills, it has been a wonderful crash-course in corporate process, project management, and how to get things done.

Check out my resume for more about what I’ve done!